Sperience Elements Massage By Germaine De Capuccini

Based on Chinese philosophy, and the 5 elements. Our Sperience Elements massage works in harmony with your body, to provide you with a deep relaxing experience, with oils chosen to work in harmony with your body’s natural elements.

Fire – Relaxing, regulates anxiety, relieves feelings of stress
Earth – Anti cellulite and shaping, eliminating properties that provide the body with lightness
Metal – Energise, rebalances and harmonise the mind, body and spirit.
Water –Hydration, allows to correctly hydrate and regenerate the skin.
Wood – Aids circulation but also recovers an emotional balance and improve the mood.

Mediterranean Candle Massage By Germaine De Capuccini

A luxurious warming body massage, which commences with a relaxing warm pinda pressure massage, during this time the candle is burned emitting a wonderful fragrance. The warm wax from the candle is then poured over the body with a prolonged body massage to ease tension, relax the mind and deeply hydrate the skin. Each of the candles derive from natural Mediterranean sources, simply choose your pleasure: Citrus – enriched with Mandarin Butter which has sweet aroma to stimulate the senses, vitamin A rejuvenates and hydrates the skin. Lavender – offering a total aromatic experience, guaranteed to calm the mind and body and relieve the soul. Olive and Rosemary – formulated with olive butter and rich in Vitamin L and E, these natural antioxidants protect the body and increase the skin’s suppleness, improving and smoothing its appearance.