Crystal Clear

Taking Skin Rejuvenation to the Next Level. An exclusive way of delivering an innovative skin renewal formula, exactly at the place its sure to work beyond the outer layers of the skin at the deepest levels of the epidermis where its skin health, elasticity and firmness begins, in one unique four part treatment. The treatment is painless with no downtime and the results are instant and exceptional.

A course of 6 is recommended for long lasting results

Cryo Oxygen Micro Channelling Induction Therapy

It offers the simultaneous delivery of Cryo Oxygen whilst our unique Microchannelling Roller creates thousands of microscopic channels in the dermal junction. This allows the topical infusion of powerful skin rejuvenation ingredients to be driven into the skin alongside cold oxygen, this is the most effective skin rejuvenation system yet as we are effectively getting down to the layers where skin health begins. These are the layers we need to reach to promote new collagen growth