Germaine de Capuccini

“Germaine De Capuccini are a high end spa brand found in the most prestigious salons & Spas around the world, they are number 1 in Spain and Italy and number 4 around the world so you can rest assure that you are getting proven results with your beautiful pamper experience”.

Clients may choose from a variety of facial treatments which include traditional massage alongside ritualistic massage therapies. If you are looking for pure indulgence and total relaxation. We at Studio 19 can provide you with a haven where you will find the most incredible unique sensations, where the mind, body and spirit converge to feel an unforgettable and deeply pleasurable experience. Our team of professional and highly qualified therapists will be happy to put together a treatment package designed specifically for your needs, and will be happy to offer you advice on your skin’s requirements.

Timexpert Lift (In) Therapy

An intelligent range that emulates the effects of surgical lifting, providing flaccid or sagging skin with volume, lift and firmness. Timexpert Lift (IN) works within the skin, at the root of the problem, to restructure and redefine the facial contour. Recommended for those aged 30+ concerned with sagging skin lacking firmness. Key Ingredients: V Matrix – high performance complex that rebuilds the structure of the dermis, redefining facial contour and firmness. Calcium and Glucose – Stimulates Hyaluronic acid to provide intense rejuvenation

Timexpert Rides Therapy

The ultimate anti ageing solution for lines and wrinkles. Timexpert Rides uses two advanced ingredients developed by Germaine De Capuccini, to fill in expression lines and wrinkles deep within the skin. Recommended for those aged 40+ presenting fine or deep lines and wrinkles Key ingredients: Micro dermoxine complex : naturally reduces length and depth of expression lines and wrinkles. Pro collagestine fill : concentrated flower stem extract that increases production of collagen and elastine.

Timexpert C+ (A.G.E)

Utilising the rejuvenating power of Vitamin C and Ume Extract, Timexpert C+ combats skin ageing glycation by intensely repairing the skins luminosity, vitality and radiance. Recommended for ages 30+ with dull skin tone that lacks vitality. Key ingredients: Vitamin C – powerful vitamin which stimulates production of collagen and strengthens cells to improve skins firmness. Makes the skin look brighter, radiant and energised. Ume Extract – type of Japanese plum which has high content of proteins, minerals, iron, organic acids providing a powerful anti-glycation effect.


Combining Hyaluronic Acid with thermals aqua, this range will nourish, repair and preotect skin suffering from dehydration. With three creams suitable for skin types, Hydracure is also effective during change of seasons. Recommended for all ages with skin needing hydration. Key Ingredients: High, medium and low molecule Hyaluronic Acid – creates a film on the epidermis that regulates water loss, strengthens skin defence, deeply hydrates the dermis and provides firmness. Volcanic Japanese Thermal Water – Rich in nutrients to improve hydration.


A unisex range designed for young, oily or acne prone skin. These products are formulated to improve problematic skin using a simple 1-2-3 step routine. With gentle but effective ingredients, Purexpert helps to provide the skin with a clean, healthy and matt appearance. Recommended for ages 14+ with oily or acne prone skin Key Ingredients: Salicylic Acid – renews the cells and regenerates the epidermis Papain – helps to eliminate imperfections. Red Clay –Absorbs sebum Liquorice – Reduces Inflammation Manuka and Willow Herb – Antibacterial that reduces sebum production.

Excel Therapy O2 Cityproof

Oxygenating anti-pollution facial for suffocated skin
Two revolutionary masks work to repair and defend the skin against pollution damage and external stress. Out oxygenating bibble mask releases pure oxygen into the deep dermal layers on the skin. A second mask uses our Dual Matrix technology to activate the skin’s immune system increasing its defence capability. This therapy also includes a highly relaxing, lymphatic facial massage to de-stress and detoxify the skin.

Synergyage Clinical Facial Peel

An intensive peel to deeply renew and smooth the skin
A deeply renewing anti-oxydising facial peel suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Our AOX system stimulates the sythesis of collagen and elastin, while hydrating and renewing the skin.

Add ons
Glycocure Exfoliating Peel

Commencing with a highly active Glycolic Facial Peel formulated with alpha hydroxyl acids, renewing the skin at the deepest level, before the application of an advanced neutralising mask with 3 complementary multi-active effects. Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid and AHA’s – Elimination of dead skin cells Sodium bicarbonate, Bisabolol – Acid neutraliser, anti-inflammatory

Timexpert Rides Eyes

Can be used for tired and over worked eyes, anti puffiness, smoothes wrinkles and rejuvenates the eye contour area. Key Ingredients: Micro-dermoxine complex – Neutralises facial micro-tension and provides collagen Pro-collagestine fill – Firms and improves production of collagen and elastin. Azarole Bud – Minimises puffiness and improves micro circulation