JB Cosmetic and Skin Specialist

Non-surgical treatments can certainly improve one’s quality of life and psychological well-being. The main aim of the treatment is improve the canvas people already have and defy the signs of ageing. it is not to make someone look completely different, sidtorted or become a caricature of their former self.
The ethos behind JBCOSMETIC is a focus on honesty and transparency with patients. There is no hard sell, conveyor belt or “inject and go” culture and aftercare is an important part of the journey. Overall, Julie believes natural, subtle results are the best option and she encompasses this with ethical practice.

Anti Wrinkle
Ageing along with many other factors play a part in forming wrinkles. Reduce frown and forehead lines, safely and simply with JBCosmetic.

Dermal Fillers
A simple, safe yet incredibly effective treatment to enhance your looks, providing instant long lasting results, allowing you to age gracefully.

Lip Augmentation
A non-surgical cosmetic procedure which uses synthetic or biological products to safely enhance the lips for men and women.